Name:Tempered Glass Heat Soak Furnace FY-JZ 2500/5000

Tempered Glass Heat Soak Furnace FY-JZ 2500/5000
The Main Tech standard:
1.1 Device Structure: The Furnace two side doors are able to opened, 1 set of loading machine with wheel for 5 meter long glass loading, and with a small loading machine for the 5 layers laminating glass and a set of vacuum system.
1.2 Device Specification:
Device outside dimensions:L5700×W3000×H3300 mm
Device inside dimensions: L5400×W2000×H2750 mm
Covers an area of:L11700×W4000×H4200mm
1.3 The Glass Production Specification:
Homogenous Glass The hugest size:5000×2500 mm
Glass Thickness Range:3-19mm
1.4 Product Performance: BS EN14179-1:2005。Comply with the requirments of BS EN14179-1:2005.
1.5 Total Power:311kW(Heating power270KW)
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