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Glass edging machine
Glass edging machine

Glass edging machine

Product ID : FGE-VS9325E,10325E,11325E
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Product advantage

1.  Adopt XinGuang or other famous brand frequency speed control motor as transmit systemhigh or low speed all smooth and no vibration, low noise.
2. Digital display glass thickness.
3. Adopt manual filling function oil system , easy to maintain the skateboards which for support grinding motors.

4. The last motor for polishing flat bottom glass, adopt double speed system motor.

5. 4 layer waterproof brush, easy to replace.

6. New design for the front beam, it is easy to replace the old screw  axle that adjust glass thickness.

Grinding wheel introduction 

1#Diamond wheel

2#Diamond wheel

3#Resin wheel

4#Polishing wheel

5#Resin wheel

6#Polishing wheel

7#Resin wheel

8#Polishing wheel

9#Polishing wheel

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