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Glass Shape Edging Machine
Glass Shape Edging Machine

Glass Shape Edging Machine

Product ID : FGE-SE1321
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Product Description

Glass Shape Edging Machine 

a) The machine is suitable for grinding and polishing exterior edge of shaped glass.  By changing grinding wheel of different shape, flat edge with arris, pencil edge, bevel edge and OG edge can be processed.  The height of spindle can be adjusted easily.  The pneumatic cylinder makes it possible that round and simple shape glass can be processed automatically.

b) Motor, stepless regulator, worm gear are installed in the house of the base.  Speed is adjusted thought stepless regulator.


Technical Specification:

       Bevel angle 

0°- 15°

Glass thickness:


Glass rotation diameter:


Max. bevel width:


Rotation speed of working table:

0.2-2.5 r/min

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